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Where's My Shell?
A fictional picturebook

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A tiny turtle hatches and wants to go to the sparkling sea but he discovers he’s missing a very important part of himself – his shell!

While trying not to get eaten, he finds himself explaining his predicament to some very unlikely new friends.

Can they help him find his shell?

Will he make it to the sea?

Available in hardback and ebook

Find it on Amazon and other good book retailers!

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‘A fabulous and fun picture book with an adorable main character. Well written and beautifully illustrated. A BRONZE WINNER and highly recommended.’ Read the full review at Readers' Choice (May 2022)

Ingledew’s (Meowl!) latest is a charming story of a newly born turtle searching for the perfect shell. Upon hatching, a tiny turtle discovers that his shell is missing. He wants to go into the ocean, where he hopes to make new friends, but has to find a shell before he can safely make the trip. As he sets out on the journey, he meets all manner of sea creatures along the way—including a pelican, seal, and a hermit crab—who give him a hand in his search. Driven by dialogue and accompanied by colorful and immersive digital illustrations, Where’s My Shell? is a playful and appealing story sure to delight younger readers just beginning their own travels into the world.

What tiny turtle–that’s how he’s identified in the book–discovers in this simple journey is the value of friendship. His new acquaintances devote themselves to picking out potential shells, none of which seem to be the right fit: the seal suggests a small pebble, the pelican offers a piece of seaweed, and a beach mouse thinks he’s hit paydirt until his choice turns out to be a hermit crab. Some readers may find the straightforward plot and repeated action to be predictive, but younger fans will be comforted by the storyline’s familiarity.

Ingledew’s endearing pictures of tiny turtle trying to navigate his surroundings without his iconic shell will easily entertain young readers, and the story’s abundance of unique dialogue makes it a perfect read-aloud choice. Readers will get to learn new words and see them in action, such as the “huffy hermit crab” ultimately “identifying with the tiny turtle’s predicament” or the “peckish pelican” who routinely announces the turtle’s plight to the other creatures. Ingledew’s attention to detail and cheerfully expressive illustrations make this engaging story one that animal lovers will be eager to revisit. Booklife review. (May 2022)

A charming book about asking for help and finding friendship in unexpected places. With humorous, charming and cute illustrations, the reader is taken on a journey learning about different sea creatures along the way.  It is a wonderful book about the importance of being helpful and friendly to others and is a witness to how kindness has a ripple effect across people we come across day-to-day. A wonderful book that I would be proud to read to my children time and time again. LoveReading review. (May 2022)

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