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A fictional picturebook
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A thought-provoking tale about segregation and forbidden friendship.

Cats and dogs do not mix in the big city of Up. They do not talk to each other, and they do not play with each other. Cats and dogs are just too different. But Mia and Max have other ideas and break the rules to become friends. Until the day they are caught. 

After being banned from seeing each other, they decide to leave the city that separated them. A terrible storm comes, and Mia and Max become trapped. Will anyone hear their cries?

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‘A story about forbidden love and friendship between two feline and canine friends. Superbly written and illustrated by Ingeldew. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’ Read the full review at Readers' Choice  (May 2022)

Leah Ingledew explores a fun and adorable way to tackle deep and serious issues in the children’s book Meowl!  Dogs and cats don’t mix, or so the story goes, but when Max and Mia (a dog and cat) start to play together, they learn that they’re not so different after all.  This book presents a great way to approach the issues of segregation and discrimination with a younger audience.  The bright pictures and lovable characters help untangle a challenging issue in a fun way that I think all people can enjoy.  If you love children’s books, are looking for a way to broach the subject of segregation with kiddos, or are a pet lover, definitely come check out Meowl!  Diabolic Shrimp (October 2021)

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The city of Up was filled with cats and dogs of all different sizes and colours. Whilst the city of Up may seem like a fun place to live in, there was one problem. Cats and dogs stay separate because they are different. Meowl! by Leah Ingledew tells the story of a puppy and a kitten who breaks the rules. What happens when the truth comes out?

This was a fun, short book to read. The book contains adorable illustrations created by Ingledew. The illustrations really made the story come to life. What I liked the most about the book was the message behind the story. Many assume the false idea that cats and dogs cannot live together peacefully, and so the story aims to change that perspective.

Since this book is targeted towards young children, it’s vital that the story contains valuable lessons that they can take away. One of the things they can learn is the importance of not judging others just because they look different.

There was nothing that I disliked about the book. The simple sentences used in the story allow it to be read by children on their own. At 32 pages, it won’t take them long to finish it.

Overall, I would rate this book 4 out of 4 stars because of the positive things I mentioned above. I didn’t find any mistakes, so it is exceptionally edited. I believe this would make a great bedtime story for your little one. This book is also fantastic for teachers to read in the classroom. The messages in the story can serve as a discussion point after they’ve listened to it. I highly recommend this book to children who love animals. In terms of the age range, I think this book is suitable for ages 3-7 years.
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