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Reading is Knowledge, Art is Power Manifesto Campaign

Campaign Design, Manifesto Design

Develop a manifesto for a large scale campaign to raise awareness about the power and importance of art in society.

This campaign has two parts, Reading is Knowledge and Art is Power. Both parts have been designed to be displayed together in the urban environment as large scale posters, billboards, on the sides of bus shelters, etc.

Ironically, this campaign uses black and white text to emphasise everything art is. The lack of artistic features forces the first point Reading is Knowledge on the viewer before inundating them with everything that art can be through part two, Art is Power.

(Think: newspapers and ransom letters...)

Campaign slogan: "Raising awareness one stroke at a time."

Reading is knowledge Art is power
ART IS POWER full manifesto
Art is power black on white
ART IS Power black on white
Black on white together
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Manifesto tshirt front
Manifesto tshirt back
black t shirt front.jpg
black t shirt.jpg
Campaign slogan
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